Mechanical OR Fixed BroadHeads – Which Is Perfect For You?

Every hunter’s ultimate desire is to make his arrows hit the targets. Missing the target can be very frustrating for a passionate hunter. The hunting gear you choose plays an important role in the success of archery hunting. Mechanical and fixed broadheads are available and which is the best one among them both has been a topic of continuous debate. Mechanical broadheads have an edge over the fixed ones when it comes to the aerodynamic pull on the arrows. Check out some of the best expandable broadhead reviews here!

Let us have a comparison of the pros and cons of both fixed and mechanical broadheads so that you can make the right decision before purchasing. You might also like to have a look at some of the hunting tips shared by talented bowhunter Terry Krahn

Fixed-Blade Broadheads
The blades of fixed type broadheads are fastened permanently to a specific position, and they do not change their alignment at any stage of a shot.

Economical – The price of fixed blade broadheads are usually less when compared to mechanical broadheads.
Better strength – Absence of movable parts make them very robust. The convention single-piece broadheads are really very strong.
More reliable – Reliability is better with fixed blade broadheads as there are no moving parts and you need not worry about the deployment of blades.
Ease of maintenance – Sharpening and overall maintenance of fixed blade broadheads can be done effortlessly.

Unpredictable – The predictability of fixed blade broadheads is very less, especially at very high speeds which makes hitting the target considerably difficult.
Diameter limitation – The diameter range of fixed head broadheads is very limited.
Fastidious – Fixed blade broadheads are very easily affected by wind. Even a slow intensity wind may make them move off their trajectories. This is one of the reasons behind the unpredictability of such arrows.

Mechanical Broadheads
The blades of mechanical broadheads are concealed when an arrow flies and they come into action only when the arrow touches the target. The blades may be either front-opening or back-opening ones.

Better accuracy – Accuracy is the most attractive benefit of mechanical broadheads. The concealed blades are not affected by wind and hence hitting the target is very easy.
Great stability – Mechanical broadheads are highly stable during their flight when compared to fixed-blade ones.
Large cutting diameter – The cutting diameter of mechanical broadheads is wider than that of fixed blade ones. Hence the wounds they make are more imposing thereby creating vivid trails of blood which makes tracking of the prey easier.

Costlier – Mechanical broadheads are comparatively costlier than fixed-blade broadheads. But the accuracy and excellent results make them worth the price.
Less strength – The mechanical blades are not as strong as fixed blades.
Difficult maintenance – Instead of sharpening, mechanical blades have to be replaced once they become blunt. But the replacement can be done easily by using screwdrivers.

If you are a passionate hunter who focuses on the success of your shots, then mechanical broadheads would be the right choice for you. Have a look at for hunting tips and reviews on various types of broadheads so that you can make the right choice!